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Mindful Living and Emotional Well-Being

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction

  • Meditation & Compassionate Self-Inquiry

  • Slow, Mindful yoga

  • Somatic Tools​ for Nervous System Awareness 

Working with the Best Clients
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Jenn is guiding me through developing my meditation practice. One of my favorite things about working with her is that I don't feel any pressure to do things "right" - she is consistently reassuring me that where ever I am is exactly where I should be. She makes meditation accessible.


As a perfectionist, I need someone who helps me turn off my instinct to try to be good at everything. Jenn is big-hearted, warm, and authentic. She isn't just teaching you, she's there with you. She understands trauma and how it affects our minds and bodies. She makes me feel seen and accepted.

Jennifer L. - Austin, TX

Bridge Over River

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