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Image by Clément Falize


As your team continues to create change in the world, what would it be like to offer them an opportunity to slow down, pause, and make time to rest, restore, and reflect? 


If you are looking to provide your team, with a unique wellness gift or group activity,  consider offering the gift of rest.  


More than ever, many of us are facing increased workloads, burnout, and exposure to stress, both personally and professionally.  Prioritizing rest is an essential aspect of supporting the body and mind to process and integrate all that we are going through, and helps to promote more well-being and creativity in our lives.  


There are several creative ways you may find to support your team to prioritize rest, and Beyond Mountains Well-Being would like to add one more option to your list: Restshops (an alternative to Workshops).  

Restshops meet the unique wellness needs of your team and can include mindful movement, gentle breathing, and integrative restoration (iRest) meditation, all of which are designed to support the mind and body to shift into a relaxed and restorative state.  


All offerings are secular, trauma-informed, and designed to regulate the nervous system to promote rest and restoration in the body and mind. 


Restshops are most often provided in a virtual setting so that participants may choose to join from an environment that is most supportive for them.


Get in touch to learn more and schedule a session.

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