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Exploring the Depths

Emotions as Allies. Supporting you to explore your inner landscape and learn the language of your emotions, especially those that are painful and uncomfortable

I believe that in every moment, we are all doing the best we can.


Our human experience involves the full spectrum of heights and depths in our physical, emotional, and mental landscapes.  Without exception.  And yet, modern society and our inner critic tend to glorify the heights and create a sense of “wrong” and “brokenness” around the depths.  Grief, anxiety, shame, depression, sadness, insecurity, loneliness, anger, and jealousy are among many emotions that are regularly perceived as “wrong” or “broken”, often because there can be feelings of pain and suffering that co-arise with them within our bodies. It can sometimes feel like we are at war with parts of ourselves.


What if you were to shift the perspective to see all emotions as allies? By turning towards these more afflictive aspects of our humanity, through somatic self-inquiry, we have the opportunity to experience more compassion, curiosity, openness, healing, and connection in life.


While we may be able to understand and accept this on a cognitive level, for many of us the question of “how” still lingers. This is where I would love to support you in your exploration. 


What would it feel like for these aspects of our humanity to be here and for us not to feel like something is “wrong” or “broken” within us?


What would it feel like to be with our discomfort and pain without trying to “fix” it or change it?


What would it feel like to allow our experience to unfold with curiosity rather than judgment? 


To be with our human experience, in its entirety, with compassion and deep listening whenever possible?


Our time together will always include sharing in a safe and compassionate space and may also include integrative restoration meditation, self-inquiry reflections, inner resource meditation, intentional breath, sound, and movement to help sense, feel, and integrate the emotions and experiences that ebb and flow during our sessions. I look forward to hearing from you when it feels supportive.

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